Eleventy Tricks

The more I use Eleventy the more I'm enjoying it. Every day I find some new feature that makes my life easier (read: I thought I would have to implement it but somebody already had). The problem I was facing was that the hobby project I am working on to learn Materialize is published on Github Pages and what is not initially apparent is that the root location ("/") is the directory above the deployment point.

Playing with Materialize CSS

I've started experimenting with CSS frameworks to expand my knowledge base. While HTML5 / CSS3 have somewhat subsumed a lot of what those frameworks were originally developed to solve by being based on JQuery, more and more of them are moving away from JQuery as their underlying basis and towards some custom Javascript to support components and CSS3 everywhere else.

End of the First Iteration

Today I pushed the penultimate version of the web site I've been working on for Farmer Frog to the test site for testing. If all goes well, we will be launching at some point in the next couple of weeks and that will bring the current development cycle to an end. I've always found it fascinating to reflect on the journey that each development cycle brings because I always learn something about myself.

Integrating AWS Lambda with the Google Calendar API

A funny thing happened on the way to reaching code complete on the Farmer Frog website. I needed to integrate an AWS Lambda function with the Google Calendar API. Now, you might ask yourself why I would need to do that, and it's a fair question. The short answer is that the website needs to be able to retrieve and display the public events without taking the user away from the website.